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Fast and simple testing for Covid-19,
at Friends Arena

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Fast and simple testing

Due to the high pressure on the testing capacity of the Swedish health care system, as well as the increasing spread of Covid-19 in society, we have set up a station for drive-in-testing by Friends Arena, which offers private citizens and companies the possibility for fast and simple testing. Here, you can get tested for both ongoing and past infection, and get a travel certificate if you need to travel. Below, you can find detailed information about our tests and why we think it is important to increase the capacity and availability of rapid testing for covid-19.

Testing for ongoing infection

We offer two types of tests for ongoing infection, one antigen test and one PCR test. In addition to the tests, we offer medical certificates on your result.

Antigen test (Rapid point-of-care test for ongoing infection)

  • Test that quickly detects an ongoing infection.
  • The test is taken through nasal swab/nasopharynx.
  • Test results are provided digitally within 60-120 minutes.

Antigen tests are used to quickly determine if you have an ongoing infection or not. Taking the test can be a good safety measure if you plan to spend time with your loved ones in the near future. A medical certificate from a negative antigen test can also be used as a travel certificate in a number of countries.

Please note that a negative test cannot guarantee that you do not carry the Covid-19 virus. This means that even if you receive a negative test result, you should continue to follow the guidelines and recommendation from the Public Health Agency.

Price: 595 SEK, with medical certificate: 845 SEK

Payment with card at the test-site

Antigen test i näsan
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  • Test that quickly detects ongoing infection – the test that has been widely used since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic.
  • The test is taken through nasal and throat swab.
  • Test results are analysed in a lab and delivered digitally.
    • If the test is taken before 3 pm, the test results will be received within 36 hours (within 48 hours if the test is taken during the weekend).
    • If the test is made after 3 pm the test results are ready in 48 hours.

PCR tests are generally seen as the most reliable tests for detecting an ongoing disease, but since the test needs to be analysed at a laboratory, it is more expensive and test results take longer time. Just like antigen tests, a negative test cannot guarantee that you do not carry the Covid-19 virus. This means that even if you receive a negative test result, you should continue to follow the guidelines and recommendation from the Public Health Agency.

Price: 1195 SEK, with medical certificate: 1595 SEK

Payment with card at the test-site

PCR-test i svalget
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Medical travel certificates

If you take a PCR or an antigen test, we also offer medical certificates. These are signed by registered physicians and are sent to you digitally, for antigen tests within 2 hours and for PCR tests within 36/48 hours (depending on if the test is made before or after 3 pm). Certificates like these are often needed in order to enter other countries or to avoid certain quarantine requirements upon entry. What type of certificate you need varies depending on your destination and is determined by local regulations. Therefore, you should make sure to read up on what applied to your destination ahead of taking a test. See for more information.

Test for antibodies

Antibody test

  • Test detecting if a person has developed antibodies from a past infection
  • The test is taken via a blood sample (finger stick blood test)
  • Test results are provided digitally within 60-120 minutes.

A positive antibody test means you have gone through a covid-19-infection and that you are less likely to get infected again. It does not, however, guarantee complete immunity, and it is still not clear how long the protection against reinfection lasts. Despite having developed antibodies, you may still be able to both contract and transmit the virus. Hence, it is still important to follow the guidelines laid out by the Public Health Agency.

Price: 395 SEK

Payment with card at the test-site

finger stick blood test
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Why there is a need for increased testing capacity?

As the spread of the virus is increasing it is important to detect and isolate as many people infected as possible to push down the spread. Today the Swedish testing capacity is under high pressure and mainly symptomatic patients are tested. To decrease the spread, however, asymptomatic carriers are equally important to find and isolate. It is hence essential to increase the testing capacity in Sweden so that everyone, with or without symptoms, can get tested – especially in these times when many people are planning to get together with their loved ones.

Book a time-slot

If you wish to test yourself at a specific time, you can book a time-slot here. Each time-slot stretches over 30 minutes. The test procedure, however, only takes a few minutes. As soon as the test has been taken, you can leave the site. Test results are sent out through text messages once the tests have been analysed. Arrive at Friends Arena by car and follow the instructions you are given on-site.

We also offer the possibility of drop-in-testing during our opening hours without a pre-made booking.

Drop-in times are dependent on available time slots and close 30 minutes before ordinary closeing times. We can not guarantee that you will get a spot. If you need a Medical travel certificate we recommend that you book a spot.

Payment with card at the test-site

Ordinary opening hours:

  • 8 am - 2 pm

4:th to 8:th of January:

  • 8 am - 8 pm

16:th and 17:th of January:

  • Closed
Test Price with Medical travel certificates
Antigen test 595 SEK 845 SEK
PCR-test 1195 SEK 1595 SEK
Antibody test 395 SEK
Antigen test + Anti body test 845 SEK 1095 SEK
PCR-test + Anti body test 1445 SEK 1845 SEK

Find us

Drive to Friends Arena (Råsta Strandväg 1, 169 79 Solna).
At the roundabout, take the exit that leads up and behind Friends Arena. The testing station is located on the back of Friends Arena.

Behind the initiative

Three companies are behind is initiative: Noviral, Legehuset, and MW Group. Together, we wish to offer more people the possibility to test themselves, and through that, contribute to the fight against Covid-19.


Noviral is one of the largest distributors of Covid-19-tests in the Nordic. Noviral was the first company in Sweden to introduce both antibody and antigen tests on the Swedish market and has today distributed over half a million tests to more than 25 countries.

MW Group

MW Group is a modern Nordic defence and security service provider.They deliver services that strengthen important societal functions.